Endgegner is a instrumental Videogame-Coverband based in Cologne, Germany. We play melodies and songs from popular videogames with our own arrangements in a jazz/funk/rock-style. Our repertoire is much centered around nintendo- and playstation-games, but we're doing a lot songs from other consoles, too. From easy swing arrangements to fast rock songs - we've got it all covered, whatever fits the situation. Here on our homepage you find all our contact and a lot of videos, which give you a taste of our music. Check us out, come to our concerts or write us, if you need our band for your event - we're here!


Welcome! We hope you're doing well! We're playing live again: first there will be this awesome Japan-Expo Dokomi in Düsseldorf, where you can see us live in person, then we will be part of the digital content of the B3-Biennale and lastly we do the musical part of the DG Play with the cool dudes from Mega Geeks and Dwarfy Giants! Hope to see you there!

Super Mario 64 Main Theme

Silent Hill 1 Main Theme

Pokemon - Gym Live

Tetris - Theme A

Shovel Knight - Underlying Problem

Zelda Wind Waker - Gamecube - Dragon Roost Island

Monkey Island - Title Theme

Mystic Quest - Boss Themes - Live


Our first album "up and b", originally released only on CD, is now on spotify and itunes! Click on the buttons on the top of the page to get straight to it! And specially for our concert-visitors, you can purchase our 2nd album "local multiplayer" as a USB-Stick. Give us a word, if you want this without waiting to the next concert. We can send you that.

Donkey Kong Country - SNES

Metroid - Zebes - NES